In this COVID-19 pandemic, what is common between the infected and the uninfected person? Consequences on Mental Health.

The implementation of a nationwide lockdown has disrupted our day-to-day lives and has caused a striking shrinkage of the economy and the closure of businesses across the countries. One of the many fallouts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown following it has been the mental health of people.

Amid the outbreak, it’s obvious to feel uncertain, overwhelmed, and worried. We, human beings, are just waiting and wondering how this unexpected pandemic will influence our physical and mental well-being and what scars…

AWS Cloud Cost Optimization_Scalex
AWS Cloud Cost Optimization_Scalex

Most businesses either have a cloud migration strategy or have already moved. Cloud is simply better than on-premises and not just because of lower costs.

Those who have already adopted the cloud have their own reasons for switching to the cloud, from security concerns and industry protocols to productivity demands and modernizing workspaces. The truth is that all companies can find real value in switching to the cloud.

And, if you are the one still pondering over “To move or not to move” on the cloud, there are a lot of factors you might want to take into account —…

The world of smartphones is growing exponentially with around 2.8 billion smartphone users spread all across the world. With the growth of smartphones, the growth of mobile applications is inevitable. Now we all know that a majority of smartphones in the industry either run on Android or iOS and make no mistake their respective App Stores house a gigantic amount of applications with around 2.6 million applications available for Android and around 2.2 million applications available for iOS.

Whether it be a small start-up or a Multinational Company, everyone is looking for a way to offer their services through smartphones…

Mobile applications are one of the most used digital channels for organizations, today, to reach their customers. Be it banking or IT, every industry prefers a user-friendly app to reach its audience as quickly as possible. It is one of the proven methods to save resources while assisting their customers with ease — and, on time. However, keeping in mind the variations of operating systems available in the market, creating an app that works for all has become an unavoidable need for app development companies. The very vision of businesses to have an app is the broader customer reach regardless…

In the present digital era, where most of the entrepreneurs/business owners are seeking an efficient and fast service within their pocket size, the hosting environment is also changing, from traditional setups to the opportunities of cloud hosting.

However, when it comes to actual implementation, digital transformation is not a one-day miracle and requires solid backing in the form of heavy power and storage which can be fulfilled at the best via Cloud Computing. …

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